Hope’s Hollow – Part 19


Part 1



Queen Aubryn elates, for this must be fate;

An army of souls come to fill up her plate.

Watching, she slavers, this moment she savours;

Hope must kill them all, she must not be let waver.


Hocus, pocus,

My mind’s eye is focussed,

To conjure great spells;

Send you all back to hell.

Scream for your god

As my minions maraud;

I will summon up flames,

Melt what’s left of your brains.


Hubble, bubble,

You’ve brought on this trouble;

I wanted no battle,

But will slaughter like cattle

Every last of you thralls;

This is where your god falls.

Scream eternal,

As you bleed internal.


The rage inside Hope fanned by Aubryn’s desire,

Serves to swell up a power borne of ancient hellfire;

A fury augmented by anger unbound –

Is Hope in control? Has a new god been found?


In infernis arderet,

Your souls I inherit;

Eviscerate bowels –

How I love all your howls.

Look how I’ve grown horns;

My crown, I’m adorned,

To be queen of your pain;

Wear your skin that I’ve flain.


Ego mortem,

No mere mortal.

Some new power swirls within –

A dark delight with roots in sin.

Something vicious,

Inside me, precious;

A field of charcoal left to embers,

This power’s mine; my heart remembers.


Fair Hope she fought; oh my, how she raged,

Though without one thought, that it all may be staged;

That her anger and fire came from realms never known –

Were they truly hers, or a gift sent from home?

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