Like controversy? Me too.

Welcome to my collection of poems and rants; with cross hairs firmly aimed at the state of our society and the horror that will be the future.

As an entitled millennial I observe in disdain the atrocious effects uncontrolled capitalism and greed is having on the quality of our lives, young or otherwise. So I like to write provocative poetry and angry rantings to in some way attempt to help more people open their eyes to these issues.

This blog is mostly just a collection of miserable thoughts gathered into rhyme. A series of personal, and at times inflammatory attacks on the complete insanity of accepting wage slavery, or corrupt government, or rampant sexism, or mass-scale assaults on individual privacy; all of these horrors and more.

Hopefully more people feel this way than I fear is the case, but if you do, hit follow and tell me your thoughts!

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