We are all Gods

Hell exists.

In the darkest corners

Of minds left to melt,

Scorched and inflamed

By the brightest edges

Of a peripheral world

Refusing to revolve around us.


Hell hides behind eyes

Witnessing horrors daily;

Animosities fuelling atrocities

Filtered through a prism

Of personal perception,

Diluted and distilled;

Today you weren’t killed.


I am god, of this prideful prison;

Thoughts that bleed rivers of pain

From the sea of society.

Reality is hell and reality is yours,

When this one doesn’t suit us,

Can we be free to choose?


Hell exists.

In a grey matter maze,

In the haze of blue thought;

Knowing disgust,

The complete loss of trust

That no matter your bearing

The world just never bends.


Hell lingers behind ears

Forced to endure

The constant carrion call

Of a planet in its death throes;

Cover them, lest they poison

Your power to deny

Or decry truths deemed as lies.


We are gods of the world we accept;

What we see, feel or sense –

Why not just then pretend?

Director’s cut; detach from real –

Ignore the world’s worst,

Those who don’t are cursed.


Hell exists,

When trapped by a prison

Of disdain, discontent;

Depressed by the domination

Of dollars or data,

Left to worry and fear

That their power grows greater.


Hell burns up your nose

As you breathe in their death;

Sulphurous smogs

Serving slow painful cancers.

Hold your breath

And worry no more –

You won’t need air after nuclear war.


We are all gods of our universe,

Of what we choose to accept,

Which reality to reject.

No one will ever contain

Your world in your brain;

Shut off in yourself, just remember,

When your world falls apart

Only you are to blame.

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