Hope’s Hollow – Part 18


Part 1



Formerly founded to bring worlds to justice;

Forever left tainted by the act of their first kiss:

That red violent day, killed those in their way;

The Order crusades, hunts those who won’t pray.


From the start of all time,

We have purified crime;

No mercy for beasts

Or those they entreat.

Light guides our path,

We fear no bloodbath;

Infallible, right,

We are blessed with pure sight.


We see all these demons,

Otherworldly beings

In the hearts of our kin;

We must free them from sin.

Purifying fires

Burn away our desires;

We are immune

To the dark and its boon.


Mortals they claim, they’ll escape from this stain

Left marked on their souls; this lie they maintain:

A mark left from birth, passed all through their Earth;

They think themselves clean, they misjudge their worth.


Join us, those pure,

With us you’ll be sure

That your path is ordained;

Seat in heaven, you’ve claimed.

We will train you and mold you,

And take all your gold, too;

You won’t need that now –

On your knees, bow!


Your sins we will burn,

Come now, it’s your turn.

Let us sear off your flesh

So you’re reborn afresh.

Now pure and armed,

Your mind cannot be charmed

By desires of man;

You are part of God’s plan.


Peasants and panderers united as warriors,

Ever strengthening ranks, recruiting more followers;

For what else can you do, at the mercy of God,

Except pray for your life, pray they deem you not flawed?

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