Hope’s Hollow – Part 16


Part 1



Pan finally awakens as the buds of spring burst;

Though too late to save our sweet warrior being cursed?

Much has he missed, in his wintery slumber,

Hope may not have strength left to not fall asunder.


‘What have you done!?

Into what hell have I come?

I asked you for restraint,

Not this vile violent taint.’

‘Ha! I struck, when you were at rest!

You will soon learn that my kind are best.

Just give up your tries;

Without feeble cries.’


‘How could I have ever cared;

That epoch together we once shared.

You have lost your mind, your way,

Now I cannot let you stay!’

‘And what can you do,

Except worry and rue?

You are lost beneath me now –

You’d best quick learn to kneel and bow.’


War bubbling beneath the dew-covered grass,

Soon great foretellings will at last come to pass;

Livid, felt cheated, Pan sends out his envoy,

Though beneath Aubryn’s might, ‘twas naught but a toy.


‘I have sent her my aid;

My favourite goat I had made

From the horns of horses pure and white,

To steer dark choices back to light!’

‘You must truly be foolish

To assume my plans, ghoulish;

Did not anticipate

The weakness of your hooves of fate.’


‘You surely underestimate

My power at this time and date?

Spring thaws winter chills;

Warmth and love his care instills.’

‘Surely you must jest?

Feel my power, I am best.

My pet drained that goat you trained

Before it even her vision stained.’


Pan all but defeated, once again he retreated,

A final hope in his heart, that this queen be unseated;

One final chance, in the summer his gambit,

He would concede for now, while he frantically planned it.


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