This endless river stretches through forever,

Cutting cruel lines as it meanders

Over a lifetime map of misguided misery;

Aimless, no path, only ripples of history

To lazily guide and provide some momentum.


In this raft I exist as it floats against hope;

Captain of this coffin sealed shut

To keep corpses fresh and edges sharp

To soften the sounds of the chaos around.


No Moses am I,

No divine destination;

Only hastened and chastened,

Led towards a damnation

Felt in shades of black blindness;

Grasping darkness for guidance.


Half filled with terror at aimless ambition;

Abandoned tradition for futures unclear.

But fear has a partner, a mirror reflection,

A path revealed only by grim introspection;

Poisonous hope that this won’t stay afloat.


In this raft I exist led astray by its buoyancy,

Demanding I float forever embraced

By the uncertain echoes of time and or space;

Always hidden from view in this dark dying place.


Horror holds hope

On this scarred globe, imagined;

A world of possibilities flattened

Until it’s left dimensionless,

And eventually the current can carry me

Right off its gentle edge.

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