My castle sits perched on the edge of a mountain;

Maddened peaks that penetrate blackened clouds

Resentful for the tears in their canvas.

A crumbling ruin, dilapidation by design;

Sand and stone reclaimed back to an earthen home

Too soon; refusing the laws of time.

Cavernous shelter from foreign invaders

Slowly dissolving until the wind no longer fears its walls;

Until the glow of a failing moon no longer reflects

It’s light, but infects every beam and brick,

Revealing all secrets within.

Vaults created to keep truth abated;

Ramparts that stood fast against harsh winters and eyes,

Toppled from within, shed of their protective skin.

A mask of cement staring out to a hostile environment;

Bleeding skies paint the night ever darker

To camouflage monsters that manifest silently,

Always seeking to break in, to infiltrate

The safest of spaces; A temple of prayer

To cloak all fear in its sanctuary.


But the storms have begun and the sun never comes;

A vicious sea attacks as all around collapse,

Begging all above to join it below;

To abandon the hard and harsh granite that binds –

Leaping to its heart to escape a material reality

And swim forever in the fantasies of freedom.

Building blocks evacuate ever faster

Into the icy black waves as they realise the truth:

No hope to remain in the warm embrace of cold rock;

A cage of clay holding lies, despair and disguises.


I sit perched on the edge of a mountain;

On the ruins of safety once clung to for life.

Hands drenched in blood, they fade into a sky

Left crimson by a dying sun no longer willing to nourish;

Let them return to earth, in ruins, in chaos

As the world around bleeds; as the land loses hope,

As the sky fills with dark wings, and disapproving carrion calls

Echo into the abandoned infinity of a fracturing landscape.

No time to falter, they’re held back no longer –

I’ll rebuild my fortress, this time build it stronger.

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