Hope’s Hollow – Part 14


Part 1



Maternal machinations sent with malice from matrons,

To birth within power that would grow to break nations;

Nurtured, her nature, her natural state bloomed,

Look on in horror, as our warrior is groomed.


My sweetest familiar,

There’s no other similar;

Praise to your wings

And the gifts that they bring.

You’ve bestowed on me magic

When I felt so lost, tragic;

The more blood that you leech,

Brings more power in reach.


‘Yes, my precious, my sweet avatar,

I created that day from a fresh fallen star;

Eons past, when my plan was hatched,

Finally bear fruit; I’ll succeed at last!

Drink from her lifeblood deep

So most of her power I’ll keep;

Slowly we’ll ripen this foolish peach,

Then the world may listen the lessons I teach.’


Oblivious and content, our warrior bears no resent

Towards a strange creature, demanding she spent

Of her flesh, her blood, thought long to have dried;

Grateful was she, for without would have died.


Though I bleed no longer,

Hostage to that great lunar,

That moon and his beatings –

Monthly game of life, cheating.

My dear friend requires,

A mere few drops desired

At the end of each day,

What such small price to pay.


‘Oh how I love

Looking down from above,

As you struggle and strive

With borrowed magic to thrive!

Every time you develop,

Black wings will envelope,

To extract every drop;

Keep learning; don’t stop!’


Watching with glee, Aubryn cannot quite see,

Power cannot be free, rather grown like a tree;

Ripened fruits may be claimed,

But the roots will remain.

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