Hope’s Hollow – Part 13


Part 1



Mother of sins, and sister to lies;

Our warrior wonders why she feels such demise.

Searching for truths in the mystic relies

On advisors most kind; her gift from the skies.


Where have I been?

The horrors I’ve seen…

The damage I’ve wrought –

Has it all been for naught?

Power cannot be bought,

And within me it’s not;

Must I live out my grey –

Every bleak human day.


Dark nights and their dark frights;

What miraculous sights!

Goblins and Gorgons,

My adopted home’s wardens.

Joined a delicate balance

Once mistaken for silence;

They’ve welcomed me kindly,

But just pass me by blindly.


Sensing frustration, a ripening rage;

Queen Aubryn decides she will loosen Hope’s cage.

Dark wings aflutter as skies darken, shudder;

Her arrow is loosed, her target black murder.


What is this in the air,

Circling me with care?

Descend, my friend,

Your journey’s found end.

Don’t be afraid,

With me you’ll be saved.

A bat! How sweet;

What tiny little feet!


What magic made you so?

To make me feel I know:

You know me well;

Some twisted spell

Has led you here

To clear my fear.

Sweet pet I’ll adore;

Reclaim magic once more!


A vampiric gift, her soul to lift;

Our warrior learns there’s much magic to miss,

For only when steered by forces claimed disappeared

Can she truly discover that power, pioneered.

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