Hope’s Hollow – Part 12


Part 1



Settled now in her green gift, her garden,

Hope springs within that her soul may find pardon;

Left to herself and the thoughts of her past,

Our hero will learn that alone rarely lasts.


On my knees pleading –

All my bones creaking,

Hairline receding;

Insecurities breeding –

Begone! Ghost of time,

You will not have my prime!

You will not dull my fire;

I still burn with desire.


Wish for my pleasure

To be less an endeavour;

More soft tide to ride,

Unanchored by pride.

I’ll make this life bloom

While chasing that boon;

The gift that she gave me,

Her power that saved me.


Once given a taste of a dark delicious gift,

Hope is found listless, empty, adrift.

So hard was her yearning, how often she wished:

Blessed again by that magic, how softly it kissed.


Life marches onwards,

So I’ll keep moving forward;

I will tinker and mix

Till I can cast my own nix.

I will brew and I’ll bubble

Till my power is double;

I will never relent,

Till my lifeblood is spent.


Saddened by failure,

Where are you, my saviour?

All this tonic and junk

Gets me nothing but drunk;

A finer brew I challenge you,

But unable to add that magic to.

Come back, my queen;

Bathe me in your blackened sheen.


Our hero falters at the loss of such talents,

Blind to the damage she’d wrought on a balance

Between a mortal realm once filled with kin,

And mysterious magic laid dormant within.





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