Embraced in this coil called life;

Skirting the line between playing my part

And despair.


Don’t feel remotely depressed,

Just utterly completely compressed

Into hopelessness.


Sick of having to care:

What’s the right bank account?

How much should I save?

Wait, save? Laugh. Cry.

Better set my alarm,

To a time that brings harm.

Got to commute;

That maddening drive:


Can I afford to eat this week?

When I’ll see a pay rise? Bleak.

Why is everything more expensive

Than last month? Stay in, pensive.


Calculate the cost of generations lost;

Bossed into breaking belligerent backs,

Just to pile more onto offshored stacks –

No matter the facts, it’s compassion they lack.


I’m just a human being with most basic needs:

Feed me and shelter me, beyond that’s just greed

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