Goodbye, Me

I miss you.

Miss more than you,

Wish you still did the things you do.


Left a hollowed out shell

In a heart you once completed.

Wish I’d been stronger, not fell

Into this abyss that’s depleted

All cause for your love.


I wish you,

Wish nothing but joy;

But you’ve left me destroyed.


Used to be more than enough

Inside and out, to pump through my blood;

The person I played before we broke up –

Goodbye selfish me, welcome love as it floods

To wash you away.


I hate you,

Hate the things that you said;

Those sweet things in my head.


Slowly learning you weren’t a lover,

But closer to demonic, my heart you possessed;

Left you dead for another,

Just a temporary guest

Until I’d settle for best.

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