Wishing on Stars

I love.

I love intensely and insanely,

Against all logic and reason and hope.

Against rope

You use to bind my hands and my heart,

And contain galaxies of fantasies

Discovered daily in the depths of your universe.


Twisted stars melding as one explodes,

To find not blackness nor empty

But a heart left exposed;

A new cosmos lonely envied –

Pulled together by forces

Ignorant to gravity;

Steered off courses

Into primal savagery.


Embraced in singularity

As two parts join, familiarity;

Left to gaze at stars as they fizzle and die,

Discovering universes in flesh as you lie;

You linger

In the recesses of fingers –

Chasms of chaos that swallows black holes;

A merging of fates –

Confusion of souls.


A terror turns it’s tempestuous gaze,

Every time thoughts turn to this emotional haze;

Left to wonder if galaxies every truly meet

Or simply pass by,

Slaves to time’s beat.


That great passing of moments,

The blink of an eye;

Wishing stars would align,

Staring up at the sky.

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