Hopes Hollow – Part 10


Part 1



Stalking through town, dark power within her,

She wielded weapons not meant for beginners;

Black magic encoiled, her soul being soiled,

Can our hero succeed, without being foiled?


Oh how I’ve toiled!

This life I’m embroiled;

I will curse all these homes

Turning children to stone.

Decapitate and feel my hate,

As I tear at you and claim my fate;

Revenge you all –

It’s time, your fall.


Plagues to spread

Until I’ve left you dead;

Man, woman or child –

I care not when I’m riled.

I will swell up their insides

As I slaughter, my homicides,

Feed your young sweet things to goad –

Make their tiny tums explode.


Tearing through this quiet township,

Our hero abandons all sense of kinship

For a people who pushed one injustice too far,

Alone with her power, she boils them in tar.


Come at me now

With your torches and plows;

Your numbers mean nothing

When I’m huffing and puffing:

An army would falter

At the feet of my alter,

So rush at me with your cruel intent

And I’ll break you all with malicious resent.


Made my message mostly clear;

They’ve lost most those that they call dear.

Power paling

As the moon is waning;

Must escape this place –

They’re too scared to chase.

I will hide in the woods;

Make a home, free for good.


So our hero escapes to the heart of the forest,

To hunt down a home where her flaws can be flawless.

Her power evaporates crossing the threshold,

Determined, she strives, she will reclaim it tenfold.



Part 11 (28/08/18)


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