Minority Majority

It’s not your fault.

It’s my miserable thoughts,

Telling tales of goodbyes;

Dreams of falling through skies.


Decided time has come upon us

To free myself from fear, be flawless.

Don’t seek to blame yourself, in pain;

Just giving up on games, no gain.

Undress of my will

To face balances, bills;

Ravaged eternal

By powers external.

Rudderless steered

Through misery, fear;

To the banks of an afterlife

Where I’ll lay as they twist their knife.


It’s not my fault.

It’s their venomous thoughts,

Refusal to empathise;

Cut out self as the anger dies.


Back is full of objects digging;

Credit cards cutting, just beginning

To understand the cost, the loss,

Learn to know your balance; boss.

Dethrone the debt,

From all angles beset.

Cut loose currency;

Escape quickly, urgency,

Unless you’d remain

Under thrall, broke and lame.

Resist that sweet kiss, though it’s easily given,

Telling you that your life, is a life that’s worth living.


It’s all your fault.

They came, you did naught.

Affix on me a badge: ‘Lower Class’;

Easy target when their plan comes to pass.

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