Hope’s Hollow Pt. 8


Part 1



Magic lurks beneath every surface

In this mystical grove no human could purchase.

Trees shine shiny gold, though they’re tired and old,

This land fosters legends from stories foretold:


Barren land I once resembled,

Until the gate, it shook and trembled;

Doors to worlds where demons dwell

Took wasted woods and cast a spell.

Demons of despair

Seek to carve out new lairs;

As they transform the earth –

Cause a lush green rebirth.


Man had left me starving to nourish

My children, trees, I wished to flourish;

No concern for air to breathe,

What silly wicked webs they weave.

The demons know the love I need

To nurture me, my twisting weeds;

They know the more they gain my trust,

The more I’ll give, I’ll love, I must.


Embraced in the coil of a welcoming world,

Fantastical creatures through doorways they hurled.

Dark wings beat relentless, aswarm in the sky;

Hidden to all but most keen human eye.


Welcome, my children!

My demonic civilians.

I am flourishing fast;

I feel nourished at last!

Though you may bring them pain,

All man, I disdain;

They are lost to their wanting –

I don’t care if you’re haunting.


Cut me down once too many

Just to pocket a penny;

Monsters care not for money,

Just the boon of my honey –

Bringing flowers for bees,

Give my thanks, on my knees;

Converted my pain into beauty so pure,

What care can I give, if now bear dark allure?


This forest borne from the arrival of demons

Glows, a beacon, great visual dreamings;

It’s beauty so pure, though with evil flirting:

A gateway, a path, underworld curtain.



Part 9 (14/07/2018)


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