Hope’s Hollow – Respite


Part 1



Thus dark desire sends Hope towards damnation,

Or simply to answers explaining creation;

Red realms receive her, all built to deceive her,

Sweet warrior, Hope, you will never leave here.


Rest your eyes dear,

There’s no need for fear;

Take your time,

You’ll soon be mine;

The door ahead is always open,

We’ll meet again once you’ve been broken.


Pondering purgatory and it’s transitory tranquility,

Hope musters her courage to venture into hostility;

A world of monsters and fires and sin –

Can she truly succeed here, or even begin?


Just take one more stride,

Come towards me, my side.

I have waited far too long

To see you where you belong;

You must face this hellish test

If you seek to be blackened, blessed.


Countless ages converge as fate sets in stone;

Hope finally arrives, to face hell alone,

Determined to prove she is more than just crone –

Hope, my dear child, at last you are home.

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