Hope’s Hollow – Part 24


Part 1



One final attempt, Aubryn pools her resent

To take aim at Hope, bring her final descent.

Pan’s flute in her arms, adorned with his charms,

She will have her win, no matter who’s harmed.


‘Bear witness my strength,

I’ve gone to such length,

Such loss and such pain

Just to rise up again.

I will not be forgotten,

Left ageing and rotten;

Buried ruin of old,

Under lies that they sold.’


‘I was promised eternal rule,

Not knowing time was bitter, cruel;

My glacial heart once pumped and pounded,

Hope and love within resounded;

But dreams and fear make vision clear

To unmask time, that thin veneer,

That lie that love will never die –

At least until your youth’s passed by.’


Vicious hatred builds fast, Aubryn’s ready at last

To wield all the power she’d stored in the past.

With one somber tune, and the help of the moon,

Aubryn channels the soul of her posthumous groom.


‘What is this melody,

This magical elegy?

It summons my heart,

Makes my worries depart;

I must follow its sound,

Leading deep underground;

Leading louder and lower,

Ever closer its owner.’


‘YES! Come to doom;

You were wrong to presume

That your young flesh and fire

Could be all you require

To stand opposed me –

You will NEVER be free!

A little more, go through that door;

Forevermore, you’ll be hell’s whore.


Thus came to pass Aubryn’s victory at last,

When the queen of all winter freed herself from her past.

Hope sent through a gateway to a world wet with torment;

Will she lose all, lament, or further her dark ascent?

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