Hope’s Hollow – Part 23


Part 1



A time lost to legend, a love lost to lies;

Aubryn and Pan join as soulmates, allies

To bloom forth such wonders as forests and seas,

But from such passion, spawns hatred, disease.


‘My beautiful bard,

How your flute broke my guard;

Penetrating this prison

Loneliness had arisen.’

‘My sweet somber muse,

I could never abuse;

My heart fills with care

When I stare you laid bare.’


‘My body’s for you,

This frozen heart’s true;

I will bend and prostrate,

All your needs I will sate.’

‘Your voice warms my ears

As it allays my fears,

That dark forces they plot

To steal love you have brought.’


Dark forces indeed, Aubryn’s fate was decreed;

Pan had no claim to this wintery steed.

She must be broken, left croaking and choking;

Since the start of existence this plan’s been foreboding.


‘Pan please be gentle!

I beg this wrath’s accidental;

Surely you feel remorse,

To take me with such force?’

‘You are owned,

You’ve been dethroned;

Disrobed and defiled –

Bear my seed, bear my child!’


‘Aubryn my sweet!

That’s not me, that’s a cheat!

Precious dear paramore,

I will not let you be his whore!

This tune from my flute,

I will aim at this brute;

All my power, one spell,

Send this beast back to hell!’


The deed all but done, Pan had lost all, but won;

Sending his shadow, deprived of a son,

Back to the bowels of the blazes he’d come –

Though not without loss, great damage was done.

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