Hope’s Hollow – Part 21


Part 1



The Order is ruined, their ranks ripped to rags,

Broken and beaten by one lonely hag;

Countless corpses lie bleeding, their spirits retreating –

Hope hunts down them all; a soul-frenzied feeding.


‘You dare steal from me!?

To think yourself free?

Those souls I have claimed,

For each one I have pained.

I have starved all this time

Just to claim what is mine;

You will give them back now,

Then you’ll kneel down and bow.’


I will not falter,

Nor fall at your altar;

This power inflamed

All my will that was drained.

You presume that you own

My body, my bones,

This magic I’ve honed;

I will tear down your throne.


Seething, scorned Aubryn explodes with pure rage;

She’d murdered her threat, she’d set up her stage,

The stars had aligned, her grand plan designed;

Would this be her downfall, the wrath of mankind?


‘I will destroy this worm!

I’ve waited my turn

To arise and ascend,

Bring all men to their end.’

‘Your soul I will swallow,

While you tantrum and wallow;

Face me and fight –

I will burn through your blight.’


‘You challenge my reign!?

I will leave you a stain,

I will carve out your brain,

Leave you hollow, insane.’

‘I fear you not!

You are weak and distraught;

The strength you wield pales,

I have tipped the dark scales.’


A great battle looms, echoed death booms;

A swirling tsunami of souls burns in plumes.

Hope gathers resolve, to swallow this gift –

A tornado of terror granting all that she wished.

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