Hope’s Hollow – Part 20


Part 1



Aubryn perplexes: who owns Hope’s successes?

She ignited a spark, but who fanned it, she guesses:

Did Hope hide a power, deep down lying waiting,

Or has someone intruded, new power creating?


‘This will not do!

She’s been born anew;

My blood link to leech

And the dark that I teach

Have been all but dissolved,

Her will has evolved.

She’s stolen their souls,

Broken free my control.’


‘I have returned!

Your plan has been burned.

You thought me weak,

That my chances were bleak;

But I alter fate

To dampen your hate;

The strings that you tied her

Now reside inside her.’


Pan returns with the glory of victory,

Relishing readily with his magic contradictory

To the powers of destruction and darkness and ice;

Aubryn is weakened, will her power suffice?



You’ve done all you can

To cage me in chains

But your efforts in vain;

I will cast off this curse,

Till you’ve felt my worst;

I will break you apart

With just one magic dart.’


‘No! You must not!

Mind me in your thoughts;

Remember our love,

When we fell from above.

Epochs entwined,

Us two of a kind;

Harm me not do I plea,

It is Pan, it is me!’


Immune to the charms of Pan and thus man,

Aubryn destroys him, with pleasure, she can.

Her power eroded, her heart lost to frost;

Aubryn is crowned, at such great a cost.

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