Dig claws into flesh, into bone

As you tear me apart from inside.

Jagged fingers grasping for gold

In a bloody, secret universe.

Tear free tendrils and tendons

To tie to your expectations,

Exerting control over a life unclear;

Puppeteer me and steer me

Away from this fear.


Rip at my cords and claim my fame

As they tug at my will to resist.

Pulling on my private desires,

Taking control over carefree contempt

To caress with your sweet strings of pain.

Your audience awaits –

All those people I hate;

Rabid and ravenous, too long starved

Of access to my insides.


Tear at my chains till they bleed,

As I dance to your tune;

Lowered on stage, hanging from heartstrings

That snap and reform under the weight

Of my mannequin masochism.

Mouth moves to your will,

Imprisoned by words imposed

That expose the truth through your song;

Is the voice really yours, was it mine all along?

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