Hope’s Hollow – Part 15


Part 1



Our warrior comes to learn rarely solitude lasts,

For the curious and carefree ignore all things past.

Scorned and feared, she was content disappeared;

Can she resist retaliation, or by darkness be steered?


‘Come, my friends!

Let’s go play pretend;

All fear we must swallow

To meet the Hag of Hope’s Hollow!

I’ve heard she’s a witch!

Into dolls she will stitch

Our souls and our lives –

Just a tale of old wives!’


‘Let us stalk through her woods;

So tempting, her food!

These forests grow all kinds –

What miraculous finds!

Take care what you pick,

It may well be a trick;

Tempting and tasty,

We should be much less hasty.’


Tales spread faster than the truth that they mask,

But rarely do legends take a moment to ask:

If the fable is fearsome – could the truth be worse still?

Our warrior will learn her story cannot be killed.


Look! My dear friend,

We have visitors to tend –

Send them home full;

We must not be cruel.

Mere children must be harmless,

Though I left their parents armless;

Disembodied or dead,

I’ll try diplomacy instead.


No! Do not flee!

Please do not run from me!

I wish only to salvage,

My reputation as a savage.

You must not walk there;

That tree hides a werebear!

Run! You must flee!

Leave your friend now, I plea!


Faced with such death, our hero must wonder:

Will she be to blame in the town for this murder?

The answer took not long; their suspicion was strong –

The Hag of Hope’s Hollow would always be wrong!

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