Pieces of personalities; soul

Fractured into base components:

The social butterfly,

The hermit,

The lover the son the friend; pretend.

Helium filled aspects or attributes

Slowly drifting into a lilac sky like balloons

In the shape of my skin –

Naked flesh left behind, it lays

Selfish and selflessly flayed;

Incomplete vessel digging claws

Into the pure white sand

Of an island adrift in time.

Drifting endlessly through now,

Tethered and released by parts abandoned –

Anchoring themselves to the violet horizon;

Always at the edge of existence,

Always beyond the grasp

Of skeletal fingers

Lacking the will to try.

Bask in the glory; the end of a story

Telling tales of connections left to drift

Into infinity;

Shaded by the lingering remains

Of selves released to freedom.

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