Slow Burn

Wake up, in vain;

Be human for eight hours a day.

Hard to say,

How hard it is just to be okay.

Not a single soul alive

Understands this despair,

Every single soul feels;

But none of us care.



Of empathy, of trust;

Just a hollow hallucination,

Forced to feel their disgust.

Disgusting little details

Suck the wind from my sails –

Leading life through its course;

Screaming ‘save me!’, voice hoarse.


Every second of time,

That’s stolen, like crime –

Every thought in this head;

Buried deeper instead.


The only solution

For some mad absolution;

To quiet the screams,

That deny all your dreams:

Simply give up and go,

Let it happen so slow;

Just destroy what you know –

You’re your number one foe.

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