Sexist Pig

Throwing fists

As you scream ‘he’s aggressive!’;

Any shoe fits

When your opinion is regressive.


Feminist idol,

With your rage so unbridled,

Worst sexist of all;

Paint me as villain,

Just ‘cause I’m tall?

Doesn’t matter if we sit in silence,

Somehow still alpha male violence;

Throw your drink in my face,

Since I’m such a disgrace;

So threatening and strong –

Always going to be wrong.


Laugh at us, scoff,

When we tell you you’ve scared,

You’ve abused, misconstrued;

To misandry you’re glued.

Our arguments mean nothing

As soon as you play it –

Your ace in the hole,

Always fitting your goal;

Your sexist joker

That fucks us over.


Defence cannot rest

When our feelings you jest;

No chance to defend,

When you twist and then bend

The truth and reality:

Can you really not see?

You scream for equality,

I’m scared what that’d be;

Hypocrites hide behind

The lies that have made them blind.


Feminism is not your weapon,

You wield a poisoned sword;

Great scythe called misandry –

Your hypocritical words

Only harm all your goals;

Your true face you show –

You will reap what you sow.

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