Hope’s Hollow – Shelter


Part 1



Quite a journey our hero has suffered so far;

From harlot to whore she’s been painted and tarred;

Abuses of body and soul and of mind

Have exposed dark desires; within her were mined.


Rest up a while

My beautiful child;

Life may be a riddle,

But for you I will fiddle

The rules that bind man,

You must smash them, you can.


Under canopies of creation you lay and you build,

Wishing on stars that your heart was less chilled;

Aubryn has left her cold clutching mark

That will shelter your body from futures so dark.


Heed of my call,

Do not stumble, fall;

I will welcome you here,

Sweet hope I hold dear.

My home far from yours;

Find me, find your cures.


With bated breath watching as the battle begins;

Dear Pan can he save her from the curse of her sins,

Or will Aubryn command from her frozen fair land?

Oh my sweet thing, all your moves I have planned…

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