Night Before

Romance me slow in this warm twilight glow;

As candles burn gently

To bathe us in hues of orange and red

As our bodies unite, at home on the bed.

A twisting of colours, of pleasures, of sins;

Bodies like embers,

Deep desires set aflame in a twisting inferno

Burning only each other;

Every pleasure pushed further.


Every depravity, pulled together like gravity;

Flickering shadows

Extending ecstasy into permanency

As the outlines of forgotten souls

Come together to merge as one

In a darkened union played out in shades

Of black and grey splattered on the walls;

Unholy matrimony in sexual ceremony

Until all that remains is a void filled with harmony.


Coiled wicks burn eternal as skin melts to assemble

Our crooked coalescence;

Two opposite similarities forced into singularity –

Smashed together with the force of friction,

Bonded forever under an oscillating aura;

A light leading lovers, held thrall under covers,

To the darkest depths of exposition

Where souls are bared in hot perdition

And lives are lost to love’s submission.


Though night’s bliss fades and the fires start to dwindle –

Left exposed by the brand of a dawn light to kindle

The lingering remains of sparks left in our eyes;

A warm glow to fan failing flames near forgotten –

Purity and light, a tear through the skies –

Separated in two in a dazzling dissection,

The bright sun demands you deny this affection;

Leave a note as you dream of our night of perfection:

‘Get tested soon, I have several infections.’

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