Paper Man

Fold me

And mold me

Into shapes

As you hold me.


My paper heart beats ever false

And bears the weight of all my faults.

Paper thin this fragile skin

On which you doodle

To colour your approval;

Folded to find new form

With which to conform

To the ideals you desire –

Shapeshifting flyer.


Shape me

And tape me,

So it holds

As you rape me.


My paper heart beats only once,

It has no will for rhythmic stunts.

Origami organism,

Product of pain or darwinism;

To take any guise –

Trickery and lies,

Like the glint in my eyes;

A trick of the light,

Paper man stalks the night.


Adore me

Or abhor me,

I don’t care;

Just don’t ignore me.


My paper heart beats relentless

To lure you in and leave you breathless.

Out on the prowl,

Narcissistic night owl;

Folding in flaps

To become in your past,

Fleeting meeting –

Amorphous predator and prey;

Remember me well,

I’ll be gone by the day.

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