Hope’s Hollow – Part 11


Part 1



Queen Aubryn watches as our lady is trialled,

Heart broken in two as her ward is defiled.

No more can she witness, instead will posses,

Take over our hero with power to bless.


I will grant her my magic,

To escape from this tragic

Infernal damnation;

We’ll rend from their nation –

Tear heads from their necks;

Their bodies left wrecks.

Blast through these digressors;

Her time’s come, aggressor.


Swallow all of their kind

As their souls nourish mine;

Every human destroyed –

How they’ve burnt and annoyed.

Fills me with vengeance

To wreak havoc of legend.

Drink my power my child,

Let your spirit roam wild.


Cursed into creation to rain terror, destruction,

Queen Aubryn begins her slow silent seduction;

Puppeteering our hero, one will, naught to lose –

These peasants will learn she’s not theirs to abuse.


Every soul that we wrest,

With great glee I’ll attest:

Pile into my core,

I am starving no more!

Insatiable hunger,

Could bear no longer;

Feed me your being –

No hope for you, fleeing.


My power multiplies

As it blisters, breaks the skies;

Fattened fodder fit to burst –

Leaving barren lands dead and cursed.

Come, my child,

Though you’re angry and riled,

In the arms of my forest

You’ll live free from fear, flawless.


A darkened pact between hero and saviour;

Bolstered, Queen Aubryn, finds hope’s pain to savour.

Her power returned, a thrall to control;

Perhaps this revenge hides another dark goal.



Part 12


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