Drag Them to Hell

Perform your ablutions;

We’ll hunt for solutions.

Choke on absolution;

Your bigoted god – pushing

Pawns to be queens.


Queens to move in all directions;

Come at you from every, great wave of inflections

To erode from your cup, great kingly chalice;

One day, be sure, we will stamp out your malice.


You may rule this land,

But we’ve held out hands

Begging, against what you have planned;

Try to make our thoughts banned

From your perilous throne.


Queens to serve the queens they serve;

Give us all better lives, surely that we deserve?

Not to be dictated by fascists and thugs

Who make life unbearable, then ban all the drugs.


No desire for kingdom,

Or the power it brings them;

For the king is just single

Without his queen lingered,

Tucked behind poisoned rule.


Queens can work to annihilate this hate;

Obliterate and obfuscate, until we’ve changed our fate.

No longer enthralled to gilded kings and their will:

Rally! Unite! Check up on your mates.

Gather forces, tiaras, drag yourself to their gates;

Colour their lives rainbow red, how white they are still –

No one could stop us, let the despots be


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