Life Saving Tip #737

Life saving tip #737:


If you find yourself

In the midst of disaster;

The plane starts to shudder,

Lights sucked to a vacuum

Leaving only darkness and death:


Do not sit idle, air pioneer!

Pay attention, safely I’ll steer

You to salvation.


Gather as many as you can;

Clothing of any colour –

Strip them from the panicked;

Not long they’ll suffer.

Attend to your own

Safety first.

Children just slow down,

Make it worse.


Once a suitable stash is gathered

You will tie them all, tethered

To yourself.

Four strips of plunder

Form an x with you centre.

While the rest frantic, wonder;

You will burst loose the hatch

And burst free yourself.


Crucify the sky

As you twist and you spin

And you FLY!

Adorned with your holy cloth cross,

Your faith will protect you;

Those above you, they’re lost.


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