Hope’s Hollow – Pt. 9


Part 1



Left all alone, accused of her crimes,

Our hero defends, citing past violent times.

Violence in marriage that brought last resort;

Her pain and her desperate, her only retort.


‘I could no longer stand,

‘Neath the weight of that man;

Could no longer face

My reflection, disgrace.’

‘You stand accused

Of a lover abused.

Vile violent succubus –

Death! Don’t make a fuss.’


‘When pushed to my limit,

Could not let him dim it;

My spirit and form,

Brewed revenge in a storm.’

‘You taint the sacred act of marriage,

So you’ll be loaded into this carriage;

A wagon to take you where you belong,

And hang you in bonds that hate has made strong.’


Stolen away as she’s taken to doom,

Resentful, our hero, curses her groom;

Punishments nightly to purify, curtail,

Her power was naught, cursed once born as female.


‘Bind my neck as hard you like,

In the afterlife I will strike.

I will return for all your sons –

Till each one’s dead I won’t be done.’

‘Harlot! Witch!

Seductress and bitch!

We’ll hang you here till your last breath,

Then cackle with glee as we witness death.’


‘You will never see me quiver;

Falter or fall, only strength I deliver:

Summon rage upon this stage,

To show you all I’m in no cage!’

‘Dear gods! Her eyes!

They’ve cracked the skies!

Blood rains, red torrent;

Flee! She’s abhorrent.’


As villagers fled under a downpour of red,

The bonds holding hero become loosened, unwed;

To fall to the ground with victorious sound –

Revenge in flesh what she seeks, but more than a pound.



Part 10


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