Great crumbling ruin,

What are you doing?

Your bells once rang

As zealots sang;

Now just stone and rust,

Foundation of trust

Waiting for an end;

But you don’t break, you bend.


A relic of pasts

Eroded by facts;

Clinging life dear,

Death is so clear;

Instead hold on fast –

Why not find heaven at last?

Cannot euthanise

Structures built with lies.


Altar in decline –

Perishing pantomime;

Cracks start to show

As winds of change blow.

Quiet empty halls

That once bore thralls –

Freed from their bondage;

Held no longer hostage.


Monument of more;

White-washed greedy whore,

Rotting halls haunted

By those boys inside you salted

Like soil, no growth;

Lost souls, broken oath.

Claws dug in, refuse to change –

Just finally die,

Your faith’s deranged.

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