Robot Revolt

Spend every day now

Just hoping for riots;

Hoping people will care,

Wake up this nightmare.


Take to the streets,

As the heart of us beats –

Achieve such great feats,

Like to strip the elites

Of every penny they own;

Forced to give up, attone

For the life that they’ve known

At expense of us drones.


Spend every dollar;

Their ill-gotten gains –

Turn houses to homes

Instead of vectors for loans.


Rise up and riot!

This bullshit, don’t buy it;

Media moguls and their alliterated wit –

Convince an idiot public to Brexit.

No, I’m not bitter;

I just wish you were better,

Ancient racists and dark abettors –

Only benefactors our country’s debtors.


Hoping and praying,

With every new scandal:

As their lies still unfold,

When will robots revolt?

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