Feminine (out of) Touch

Impossible to agree,

When refusing to see

That the points you enforce

Steer your meaning off course.

Of course we empathise;

We’re disgusted, we sympathise:

But your choice of words leaves much desired,

Your venomous tone leaves crosses wired.


Sick of seeing knee-jerk reaction,

Just to provide some satisfaction;

‘Not all men’ you scoff and fuss,

As if it’s obvious you’re not attacking us.

Words like ‘mansplain’ a crutch,

Supporting your grudge;

Weapon you were meant to use,

Not just a tool to reverse, abuse;

To shut down your opponents

Instead of debating the components

Of the things you think are problematic –

The words just spew, it’s automatic.


How can you truly hope to change

This world and all its dark, deranged

Sexist uncomfort,

When you’re always outnumbered?

You say you stand for all equality;

If that were true then where’s your camaraderie?

Too many enemies to fight alone,

So why reject men who try to atone?


When your cause and its aims,

Must all be qualified, claims –

‘Men are creeps’, ‘Men are violent’;

For those who’re not you are silent:

You don’t mean us all,

Just the ones that you mean;

Build up your great wall –

Hide the point, gone unseen.

Instead of instant aggression –

Not that same old regression –

Try understanding, unity and care,

For only together can we achieve fair.

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