Hope’s Hollow Pt. 6


Part 1



Nestled deep in her homestead,

Where no trespassers tread;

Our hero so solemn, nostalgic, reflects

On times long since past; a body left wrecked:


What losses I carry –

Like that man I did marry;

How he cared for me so

Unless drunk, I turned foe.

Black eyes shut to truth,

Barely bite, missing tooth

From chivalrous showers;

Restricted my powers.


Beatings and breakings

Always of my own makings;

Never thought I could blame

Or bring him to shame –

To feel some regret

At the damage he’d met

Upon body’s shores;

Simply beg for no more.


Saved from her life as a slave to all others,

Nothing could stop him from sharing with brothers;

Her body now his, to abuse as he pleases,

With every new blow, her path to dark eases.


Brutal and bloody,

Your manners I study;

I’ll learn how you play

To welcome the day

When I’ll rise up and fight:

I will gather my might;

I will grasp this, my right!

I will be my own knight.


You attempt at my beating

But this time you’ll end bleeding;

This victim grows claws:

Turning dark menopause

Into breaking your jaw.

Last time you connect,

With your violence infect –

I strike back, then dissect.


Pushed to murder by a black-hearted saviour,

Our hero can only a short time this savour;

For once doors are opened in the heart of your core,

The temptation tastes better each new chunk you gore.



Part 7


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