Hope’s Hollow Pt. 5


Part 1



Queen Aubryn observes from her glorious throne,

Willing with venom this whore won’t attone.

For when souls slip to dark in the arms of her forest

Will vengeance be wrought on those men she has promised.


Watching with glee

I will will her be free.

Though harsh must she suffer

At hands of dark lovers.

Break down her spirit!

Her innocence, kill it!

Poison her being;

Spill into her, screaming.


I hold patience hard and eternal

To watch this child turn infernal;

Dissolve your will

As you lie there still;

As I cackle you crumble

Under fingers that fumble –

Rip out your hopes,

As they bind you in ropes.


Pan worried away, in the arch of his orchard,

Willing and weeping, her soul being tortured;

Hopeful of futures embracing her wild –

Regretting this path for his chatelain child


Watching in fear

That her darkness draws near.

Why must she so suffer

From sexual muggers?

Break her chains if I could –

But I’m stuck in this wood;

Instead must just wish,

Just wish could assist.


I’ll play my flute

And hope hope takes root.

Let my melody flow

To nurture and grow

All the light that she bears,

Play a dirge for her cares:

I will rage and I’ll huff;

Though it’s never enough.


A battle of gods, guiding hands are directed;

Opposing agendas by our hero connected.

Will she choose darkness or embrace inner light?

What terrible battles will she now have to fight?



Part 6


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