Hope’s Hollow Pt. 4


Part 1



Unforgotten horrors, the days of her youth;

In serviced brutality our hero found truth –

Imprisoned and free in a town bathed in sin;

For naught but her cost, fingers twist under skin.


‘Visit me for your needs,

As my innocence bleeds –

As you plunder my body

I will disconnect, zombie.’

‘Here are some scraps,

Let me access your gaps –

Bend over and silence,

I’ll pay extra for violence.’


‘Welcome all who seek to pillage

My private realms in which you finish –

I have the power, I have power

Unless somehow your mood I sour.’

‘Look at me, I’ve paid my price

To fulfil desire, my every vice –

My demands depraved they never halt,

All your pain is all your fault.’


Her vocation she hoped would provide vindication

From vultures and vampires demanding placation –

Respite for flesh against constant predation;

The power was hers when enframed as vocation.


‘As my masters demand

And they tie up my hands;

Only pay for my time,

Not the loss of my prime.’

‘Whores merit no mercy –

Enter exit them tersely.

Thrust them with swords;

Foil, find dark rewards.’


‘I must fight my submission

Lest I lose all ambition,

To live a life that’s worth living;

Those who’ve harmed, unforgiving.’

‘We’ve a right to your body

When we pay and you’re naughty.

One coin and we own,

Broken toy that we’ve known.’


The strength that she summoned to suffer in silence,

Would plant seeds in a soul that could fight even giants.

Pushed further towards limits of body and mind –

Unaware the effect would be fury refined.


Part 5


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