Hope’s Hollow Pt. 3


Part 1


Perk up your ears as we visit our hero,

Whose life’s become perfect, as far as she knows.

Hidden from view, sheltered and free,

What monsters lurk waiting, to bring misery?


Oh how I dance!

I’ve been given a chance,

To burn out my sadness

That once fuelled my madness.

Mad at the world;

Those insults they’ve hurled –

Harlot! They screeched

As they drowned out my speech.


Voiceless was I,

Made willing to die

By their ignorant bliss;

Clueless they’d hiss.

Take turns in assault

That was never my fault,

No choice made nor offered –

Just left broken and altered.


Haunted by memories desperate to fade,

Our hero soon learns they will always find shade –

Shadows protect her, but also they hide;

A paper thin veil, holding back tides.


No more am I victim,

Or insatiable vixen;

Burst free my cocoon,

Become raging typhoon

To sweep away labels,

Curses, and all their harsh fables.

What peace I do feel,

That my heart may now heal.


Though happiness found,

Still bear anger undrowned.

Raging river relies

On the truth it belies;

That my demon’s don’t swim;

On the surface they skim.

At least I’m alone –

Wild, unseen, at home.


Now as we all know our lady just wants some peace,

Something to offer some kind of relief –

The forest it nurtured her, cared for her mind,

But alas, outside invaders are rarely so kind.



Part 4


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