Hope’s Hollow Pt. 2


Part 1



We divert for a time

To a town soaked in crime,

Where villagers revel

In bringing saints to their level.


We dance and we pray

Through the night into day.

We take what we’re due,

Force dissenters to rue.

Rue for their birth,

For they’re nothing but cursed –

A pox to be used;

One will, we are fused.


No point in imprisoning,

Rather harm we’re envisioning.

Gods forbid you’re a she;

Just speak out and you’ll see.

We will reap from your flesh,

Grasping hands like Ganesh

Remove clothes in our way;

You’ll submit, with no say.


Now it’s clear that you wonder

Why on earth tear asunder

Such a beautiful land and it’s innocent creatures,

For rapacious desire towards feminine features.


We are set in our ways,

Our attitude pays:

Why let be free

Those who’ll beg and then plea?

What rush to take power

From fresh blooming flowers;

From those who have nothing –

Crushing thrusting and stuffing.


So you’ll conform on your knees

Lest your power we’ll seize,

With torches and forks

Pitch black eyes glare your corpse.

Always remember:

You lack power’s member –

Though sweet thing you resemble,

‘Neath our weight you will tremble.


A town refusing sleep

Owns no nightmares to reap.

A life of dreams of dark making

Bars only heroes from waking.


Part 3



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