Dirty Scary Love

Love is scary,

Love is strange.

Love will leave me

Lost, deranged.


Thought I knew how love bites sunk

Into my flesh, but I’m left drunk.

Drunk on happiness at the thought

Of this lasting mess, start to plot.

A mess of emotions, I’m ruined;

But in the accent of her body I’m fluent.

Foreign tongue to make her come

Back to me, and the love I’ve won.

Though she’s no prize,

Just the best I’ve laid eyes;

No tethered thing,

Just makes my heart sing.


Love is chaos,

Love is free.

Love will always

Confuse me.


Thought I knew myself, my depth;

Leaves me trembling, lost for breath.

Drowning in pleasure and fantasy both;

Fantasies faultless they stimulate growth –

Boost my bionomy, erection injection

To prick and discover a wet warm affection.

Warm bodies twisting,

Coiled limbs persisting;

Found something to love,

Fit inside like a glove.


Love is intense,

Love is mad

This love’s by far

The best I’ve had.


Yet still would I stammer

At the thought of an oath.


Dozy oaf! She is gold!

The one movies foretold;

Those sweet lies you were sold,

Welcome back to the fold,

You must fit in this mold!

This puppeteers hold –

What society’s told:

Stay until you’re both old!

Stay forever, be bold,

Be brave, uncontrolled;

What a sight to behold

Until fear strikes tenfold –

Is my heart just too cold?


Love is modern,

Love can last,

And love is sometimes

Hard and fast.

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