Toy Soldiers

Difficult to shake this feeling of trouble:

Pointless pursuits – powerless we steer;

Safely protected from drowning, bubble.

Insular thinking to protect against fear

That the path we have chosen is horror, it’s clear.

Driven underfoot as they point and they shoot,

As they vilify and deify, hatred takes root.

Terror takes hold for the young and the old;

Raise up a toast for the scared and the bold –

Toast to the toffs

As they laugh at us, scoff!

Weight on our shoulders;

Segregated toy soldiers

Born to fight in a war

With no clue what for.


Impossible balance between broken and breaking:

Unable unwilling this life I’m forsaking;

Kept down in the ground by the system they’re making,

Pretending the chances are there for the taking.

They’re there, stop your shaking;

Though your wallet is aching,

Hold your breath, fists are quaking;

Pray with dreaming comes waking.


Unobtainable nightmares of whimsy and wealth:

Misery lingers behind every penny;

Happy to hinder the self and my health

For a lick of a life hidden secret from many.

Hopeless to strive when it’s hard to survive

Against a current, sea, inflatables thrive.

Fear not for this future, a timely abuser;

Weed out the weak from the losers –

Raise your glasses!

As we sit on our asses,

Find solace in sedentary,

Living lives of temporary

Comfort; blanket bans

And sinister plans.

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