Overdraft Exceeded

Getting harder to live

Balance has exceeded overdraft limit.

With choices made.

No fucking clue

What shit I have paid.

Pay it forward

Till the balance is backwards.

Penniless poverty;

Just feel fucking awkward.


Getting harder to try

Where does it all go?

At this bullshit called life.

No fucking hope

To escape bitter strife.

Compound interest

Until you’re convinced:

This self must divest;

Make existence desist.


Getting harder to care

What’s the point?

For a punishing system;

No fucking chance –

Disease or a symptom?

Spend all your time

As a slave to another,

A travesty, crime;

State-sponsored mother.


Getting harder to fight


Against this dark matron;

No fucking nurture –

Only credit castration.

Bank of mum and dad

Shut down, inflation.

All we’ve never had,

Lost to debit damnation.

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