Pure White House

We are the developed world.


Shooting freedoms at your face;

Swing our massive guns around

Cursed countries free from His embrace –

Blast them till they’re full of grace.

Heathens all, whose skin is browned;

Children, caged, won’t make a sound.


We are the first world.


Problems all, they cross the border;

Gangster locusts come to feast.

Come to challenge law and order,

Not work as slaves; corporate fodder.

Challenge us to pay the least;

It’s all the fault of a fragile East.


We are the West.


Nothing wrong in what we do,

So far right in our righteous route.

Never deviate, go through –

Forward march, tunnel view,

If you see brown then you must shoot;

Let no terror tots take root.


We are white.


Purity springs a well eternal;

Fill your cup with Nazi dreams.

Damn those heathens, they’re infernal –

Different, weird, and born external.

Here to spread their mad regimes;

Different shades of the same extremes.


We are God.


Just grab her quickly by the pussy,

Make her see that she is wrong:

Brown and cheap it tastes so juicy;

Neck held tight and rights held loosely.

Orange prick with all your bombs

…Just go back to where you’re from.


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