Blame Game

So desperate to blame,

To free us of shame.

Genocide now a game,

But not in your name?


Abandon the past;

Change is a present.

Nothing broken can last,

We must be prescient.


It’s always the fault,

Of that last assault,

Then it’s back to default;

Not one worth their salt.


Hold up a mirror,

Question your stance;

Our leaders are killers,

Now is our chance.


Stop splitting the rage

From gender to age,

Race or minimum wage;

Let’s start a new page.


No more made bitter,

By parties or views.

A chance to be better;

Make our own news.


Nothing will change

As long as we’re stuck

With leaders, deranged,

Who don’t give a fuck.


Down on our luck,

Just keep passing the buck,

Austerity struck;

Please. Please wake up.

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