Smoking Kills

Smoking can kill your unborn child,

But suburban living leaves my life defiled.

Murdered by monotony,

Placid lobotomy.

Put my face on the news;

Another child to abuse.


Smoking is highly addictive, don’t start

Unless you’d like to speed up your depart

From your depressing desk;

Ergonomic chains,

Addicted to routine:

Our modern cancer unseen.


Smoking clogs your arteries;

Not the nine to five your doctor sees:

Eight hours of misery,

Forever busy.

Slaves bound to inertia;

Become thralls to commercials.


Smoking causes fatal lung cancer;

Look not to cars instead, the answer.

Or to factory fumes,

And poisonous rain.

Killed by air we rely;

In ever dwindling supply.


Smoking increases the risk of impotence,

But who’d want to bring a child into this?

Suffocate or starve;

Nuclear winter.

Tell them: ‘Follow your dreams’;

Silenced under dying screams.


Smoking causes strokes and disability,

Like half the pills you dish out willingly.

Swallow these if blue;

Side effects include:

Mild nausea and suicide;

It’s worth it though

They get you back to the grind.

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