‘Sell yourself’ they say:

Sell yourself.

If you want that sweet pay.

Market your misery,

Profit from pain.


Forced into this world:

Human being commodities;

Shame us for selfies,

As if we can live modestly.


‘Present yourself’ we’re told,

Present yourself.

By the backwards and old.

Your present is past;

Your kingdom will fold.


Forced to our knees;

Displaying our weakness.

Bent over and willing,

We are fucked to completeness.


‘Market yourself’ we hear,

You are for sale.

‘Nothing stopping you but fear’

And this unfailing inflation

Every miserable year.


Forced to earn less,

Every time it’s ordained:

All costs have risen,

Your wage is the same.


‘Get on the ladder’ a cure

You better be fast.

As it races, unmoored;

Drowning the foolish

Swimming towards its allure.


A siren song sings:

Seductive security.

A false set of wings

Dissolve under scrutiny.

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