Birth of Man

Began a woman;

Penis came later.

Hang it with pride,

Chronic masturbator!


Is it chosen or fate?

To abandon an x;

Forgotten and lost:

Empathy broken,

Pain forsaken.

Forever in need

Of fertile plots

To bury seed.

Forever be blind

To the power of blood,

And a spot we can’t find.


Began a female;

Just added a why.

Erect and empowered,

In constant supply.


Is it a weakness?

To reject a life of agony;

Grow big and strong,

Unhindered by

Bleeding and torment.

Freedom from chains;

Permanent, monthly

Freedom from pains.

Unable, unwilling

To bear fertile fruit;

But better at killing.


Began a lady;

Thought ‘Fuck that!’.

Rather be drafted;

Master of combat.


Are we born to be men?

To protect what we love;

Fucking and food.

Dreams of the past:

Lock her at home,

In a prison of kisses

With bars built by fists,

Turning hits into Mrs.

Wielding my power,

Big feet big socks

I’ll stamp on this flower.


Began in the middle;

A cell just said ‘no’.

One tiny decision

Haunts all that you know.


What of the others?

Those men you deem weak.

Pressure abounds:

Smashed into a mold

Demanding we fight,

Unless we’re a pussy.

Deepen your voice

Unless you live loosely.

Yielding our power,

Are you gay?

What if we want to flower?


Began free to choose;

Undefined, alone.

Leave all the same;

Blood, hate and bone.

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