Absolute Power

Uphill battle;

Mount Olympus.

            Every step,

            Every foothold

Guarded by monsters:

            Fangs bared;

Razor smiles

Ready to devour.


Seat of the gods

We wish to reside;

            Lofty peak,

            Bones creak.

Competition concentrated:

            Infinite insurgents –

Absolute power

Out of their reach.


Trickled down;

Golden showers.

            Stimulate growth;

            Simulate power.

Punish the weary:

            Gentle push;

Forceful removal –

Nosediving dreamers.


Back to the bottom;

Extra baggage:

            Burdened by time;

            Burden to bear.

Huddle for warmth;

            Hibernate, store,

Cooperate –


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